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Respond earlier with behavioral runtime verification

Eliminate cloud native attacks using transparent, behavioral baselines that integrate real-time identity and infrastructure context.

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Cloud Native Threat Detection and Response

Eliminate cloud native attacks with verifiable workload, identity and infrastructure baselines.



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Sophisticated attacks rely on valid programs and processes to target cloud native identity, infrastructure and workloads

FiveEyes  advisory warns about APT29 new TTPs against cloud infra

75% of K8’s targeted attacks in 2023 rely on RBAC over permissions

Software supply chain is the most common attack type in 2023

In 2023, 90%  of teams working with containers or Kubernetes experienced a breach 


RAD Security creates verifiable workload, identity and infrastructure baselines

Detect meaningful drift across cloud native identities, infrastructure and the software supply chain


Detect sophisticated, zero day attacks

Use verified workload fingerprints to detect material drift indicative of sophisticated, zero day attacks in the software supply chain and runtime 

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Shut down incidents and streamline least privilege access

Prioritize risks across identity, runtime, images, the cloud , network and Kubernetes  in tandem with the Kubernetes lifecycle


Know your real-time cloud native posture

Prioritize risks across identity, runtime, images, cloud, network and Kubernetes  in tandem with the Kubernetes lifecycle 

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Scale the implementation of cloud native guardrails

Harden your posture with AI-generated, cloud native remediation guidance for continuous improvement 


Verify the integrity of your software supply chain 

Use a declarative model of cloud native workload fingerprints to detect tampering in the CI/CD process

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The RAD platform

RAD Security creates behavioral fingerprints of your unique good behavior across the software supply chain, cloud native infra, workloads and identities, to detect zero day attacks and sharpen inputs into shift-left and posture management
Get a more efficient approach to cloud native security with RAD

98% less reduced noise

Go from thousands of alerts to a few threat vectors that represent your top, accurate risk

10 minutes to top risk

Reduce time to triage your top risk by days or even months

75% less code re-work for engineering

Use GitOps to set efficient guardrails, while providing clear context for any re-work

Real-time MTTD & MTTR

Stop reverse-engineering Kubernetes-targeted attacks and get real-time detection of Kubernetes RBAC and misconfiguration exploitation

>6 vendor replacement

A connected view of risk across Kubernetes components like CI/CD, image CVEs, the network, the public cloud, runtime, RBAC & IAM permissions


Bring engineering and security together with paved roads for Kubernetes security

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Get cloud native attack surface visibility with real-time KSPM

Fill in the cloud native security blind spots across your ephemeral Kubernetes environments

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Kubernetes vulnerability prioritization

Surface your top priorities from cloud native security noise

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Implement Zero Trust with Cloud Native ITDR

Fill in the blind spots of your zero trust strategy for critical cloud infrastructure

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Protect the software supply chain with fingerprint verification

Using eBPF, create a fingerprint of cloud native workload behavior, for software supply chain security

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Eliminate zero day attacks

Detect material change from behavioral fingerprints to identify active incidents with a low privilege eBPF agent

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“Open, shareable, runtime fingerprints change the game for those of us that have wanted to better understand everything that's running in our environments -- not just the number of CVEs you have today or what your black box scanner reports. With these fingerprints, teams now have ground zero to start understanding and attesting to what happens in your CI/CD pipeline all the way to production,”

Mark Manning

Security Architect

Cloud Native Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR) Checklist