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Cloud native attack surface visibility

Move Kubernetes risk from unknown to known

Has the increasing volume and complexity of your Kubernetes environment resulted in security blind spots? Can you keep track of security issues across your ephemeral Kubernetes environments? 

RAD Security puts security teams in control with a prioritized, live-stream view of cloud native security risk.

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Fill in the blind spot of Kubernetes risk 

Clearly prioritize with connected risk 

Visibility is detrimental when it is relegated to silos of data that naturally are connected. With RAD Security, you aren’t looking at just runtime, just image CVEs, just RBAC . . . you are seeing the entire picture and how these risks connect together, for a complete picture.

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Stop wasting valuable time on visibility 

Kubernetes and cloud native applications are just one part of the holistic environment you have to secure. Move your time value-add work and let RAD Security automate visibility across your entire Kubernetes environment in a matter of minutes, so you can get back to figuring out how to protect it. 

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No more Kubernetes Shadow IT 

Engineering makes changes as quickly as they push features to market; it’s their job. Security teams focused on effective partnership need a real-time understanding of risk to collaborate effectively.

Download a roundup of cves from 3rd party k8s tools

Complete your asset inventory 

You don’t have to leave Kubernetes out of the scope of your IT and asset management processes. RAD Security's Kubernetes Bill of Materials (KBOM) is an open source, free way to get started with an accurate representation of your Kubernetes cluster configurations.

Read more about KBOM here

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RAD Security removes your Kubernetes security blindspot with a real-time view of actual Kubernetes security configurations and a clear, prioritized gap assessment 

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Cloud native attack surface

visibility with RAD Security

Start with a KBOM (Kubernetes Bill of Materials) 

Green Arrow  Cloud native attack surface visibility with RAD Security

Use Risk Explorer for a live stream of your environment

Blue Arrow  New workloads and configurations show up in a matter of seconds 

Populate a gap assessment in minutes

Purple Arrow  Threat vectors highlight prioritized risk across thousands of silo’d findings 

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