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Kubernetes vulnerability prioritization

Surface your top priorities from cloud native security noise

Are you able to understand the top priorities across the container, cloud, RBAC, network, public cloud, Kubernetes and runtime components of your Kubernetes environments? Do you have real-time context ?

With RAD Security threat vectors, your top risk is made obvious through a real-time, connected view of Kubernetes. 

Kubernetes vulnerability prioritization

Manage and prioritize vulnerabilities in your Kubernetes environments

Free your security talent with automated vulnerability prioritization

The most experienced security experts are often tasked with the manual work of synthesizing large amounts of data across environments. Automate this work for your Kubernetes environments and save days of work for your top talent.  

View threat vector time savings

Empower engineering teams with remediation strategies

The engineering team building in Kubernetes every day is the resident Kubernetes expert. RAD Security provides remediation guidance that ‘speaks Kubernetes’ so you can get engineering actively engaged in the remediation process.

Learn more about how to ‘Speak Kubernetes’ with engineering

Enable all expertise levels to manage Kubernetes threats

The staff shortage in security means that every security team has a wide range of expertise, especially when it comes to cloud native security. RAD Security creates an easy view of your highest priority vulnerabilities in Kubernetes, with optional deep dives so those of any skill level can make an impact.

How ActBlue uses RAD Security across all skill-levels

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Consolidate cloud native security vendors for simplified vulnerability management

While vendors focus on silo’d pieces of cloud native security, attackers work fluidly across your environment. With a connected view across Kubernetes components, RAD Security threat vectors are the most efficient way to improve your cloud native security posture, allowing you to consolidate vendors. 

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RAD Security threat vectors show your top priority risk by connecting the relationships across RBAC, image CVES, runtime, public cloud, Kubernetes misconfigurations and the network

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Kubernetes vulnerability prioritization

Threat vectors populate in minutes

Green Arrow  Save days of manual work connecting risk across Kubernetes components

CVE Exploitability

Blue Arrow  Prioritize CVEs based on their exploitability in running containers 

Get Kubernetes-native remediation guidance

Purple Arrow  In a view that engineering will understand, down to the line of code in the manifest 

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