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Bring engineering and security together with paved roads for Kubernetes security

Can multiple teams make changes across your Kubernetes environments without undermining security? Are engineering and security able to align on top priorities for remediation? 

RAD Security provides scalable guardrails and clear prioritization of risk, helping engineering and security teams work as a team to systematically improve Kubernetes security. 


Make Kubernetes security efficient with

systematic, paved roads 

Adopt paved roads at scale

It can be difficult to scale controls across a broad set of engineering teams and environments. That’s why RAD Security detection and admission control policies can be set centrally across multiple clusters, while granting different access levels across teams.  

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Improve GitOps speed

When engineering teams are asked to move across different tools, speed is lost. RAD Security allows for policy changes within the CI tools already in use, with transparent policies that can be customized. Guidance is actionable, in Kubernetes- specific terms, reducing the need for any re-works. 

Learn more about how to ‘Speak Kubernetes’ with engineering

Quick alignment, not distraction

Engineering teams don’t have capacity to fix every vulnerability. RAD Security provides an accurate set of priorities, using the entire connected path of a security risk, resulting in quick alignment on goals and less distraction for engineering.

How ActBlue uses RAD Security across all skill-levels

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Expand Software Supply Chain Security to Kubernetes

Despite its extensive 3rd party toolset, Kubernetes has been largely ignored when it comes to the software supply chain. Use RAD Security's Kubernetes Bill of Materials (KBOM) for a view of the software supply chain in your running environment. 

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RAD Security platform extends your Kubernetes environment with a simple helm chart installation and central, transparent policy definitions you can set from your current CI tooling 

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Install via helm chart in 30 seconds

Green Arrow  RAD Security extends your Kubernetes environment, plugged into a live stream of what is actually running

Manage detection and admission control policy centrally across multiple clusters

Blue Arrow  Don’t switch your tools, change policy in the manifest directly or in your CI via Github actions

Grant granular internal permissions

Purple Arrow  Set appropriate access levels to RAD Security for the teams building on Kubernetes

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