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Get started with RAD Security!

In your free trial, you will be able to:

  • Reduce the security noise in your clusters from thousands of alerts to high priority threat vectors 
  • View your environment and understand your Kubernetes Security Posture Management in real-time
  • Answer easily overlooked RBAC questions like who has clusteradmin or access to secrets in your clusters that could result in easy access to attackers
  • Scan for vulnerabilities and generate SBOMs for running containers

Trusted by forward-looking security teams 

“KSOC allows for a birds eye view perspective of the security posture of what is running in a cluster. Scanning running workloads instead of everything contained in the image registry allows teams to focus and have visibility into the security practices of 3rd party components trusted to run in the cluster. Continuous real-time security allows for prompt feedback and action.”

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Frank CatucciCTO & Head of Security Research

“KSOC is a Kubernetes-first platform, meaning that it gives me and my security engineers the confidence to partner with our infrastructure engineers using Kubernetes-first paradigms, versus general infrastructure-first paradigms. If engineering is working in a Kubernetes world, we should provide a Kubernetes world for them to work in.”

Raj UmadasDirector of Security