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Brooke MottaNov 30, 2022 9:00:00 AM1 min read

KSOC's latest product release: K8s Network Policy & Scan Images without Registry Credentials

KSOC, the platform designed to make Kubernetes secure by default, has taken another step toward transforming security for Kubernetes environments. With this release, customers now have more context around security issues and flexibility in responding to them. These advancements will help security teams tackle the challenge of Kubernetes security at scale.


Highlights of the latest release of the KSOC platform include:

  • Custom policies: Customers can now create their own policies in the rego language for enforcement within clusters managed by the KSOC platform.
  • Policy builder: KSOC now provides an in-platform way to develop new policies.
  • Blocking mode: Policies managed by KSOC can now perform a blocking action, bringing a proactive security control to clusters.
  • Image scanning without credentials: KSOC has delivered an innovative way to perform image scanning, allowing users to get vulnerability information without having to provide registry secrets to KSOC.
  • Multi-tiered account structure - a new multi-tiered account structure allow users to define organizations within their account to group data and policies together in ways that best suit the business

In addition to the new features highlighted above, the release has also improved RBAC visualization capabilities within KSOC, making it even easier to understand access permissions within clusters.

KSOC, the Kubernetes Security Operations Center, was built by some of the world's leading Kubernetes experts to handle the security challenges teams face when adopting and running Kubernetes. Our cloud native platform allows users to easily identify and quickly remediate security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and RBAC issues. To learn more, get in touch with our team.



Brooke Motta

Brooke Motta is CEO and co-founder of RAD Security. Brooke is a dynamic leader in the cybersecurity industry who has scaled companies from seed to IPO. Brooke recognized the exponential growth in Kubernetes adoption as an opportunity to provide real-time security products as enterprise teams look to scale. Her decades of skilled leadership include executive positions at Sonatype, Wallarm, Bugcrowd and Rapid7.