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Story Tweedie-YatesOct 26, 2022 9:00:00 AM2 min read

KSOC enhanced platform addresses market’s Kubernetes security needs

KSOC, an event-driven SaaS technology built to quickly find and automatically remediate Kubernetes misconfigurations and security issues, announced today at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 enhancements to their Kubernetes security platform which are addressing the needs of organizations adopting Kubernetes. KSOC’s unique approach to Kubernetes security has garnered attention from Fortune 500 buyers, as well as accolades from industry leaders.


“Modern containerized environments require a purpose-built platform, not a bolt-on version of legacy tooling,” said Jimmy Mesta, co-founder and CTO of KSOC. “KSOC is built to help any team who relies on Kubernetes to ship software faster and safer. We are all thrilled to bring a fresh take on cluster security.”

Introducing KIEM (Kubernetes Identity and Entitlement Management)

Kubernetes RBAC is complex and difficult to maintain across multiple clusters. Answering questions such as what access a user has in an environment is a challenge in ephemeral environments.

KSOC provides tools to help you manage Role-Based Access Control, or RBAC, to ensure that your Kubernetes subjects can only access the resources that they should, and nothing more.

Least-privileged access requires evaluating current RBAC configurations and examining access logs for unwanted behaviors.

KSOC automatically compares current in-cluster RBAC policies with access logs to highlight anomalous behaviors and suggest least-privileged RBAC configurations to reduce potential attack surface.

Continuous Inventory

The first step towards securing Kubernetes clusters is knowing where they are. The KSOC agentless cloud connect plugin continuously monitors your cloud environments for clusters, giving you an accurate inventory to combat cluster sprawl and reduce your container attack surface.

Event-Based Detections

A highly ephemeral environment such as Kubernetes requires a security solution that is event-driven. The native Kubernetes API supports subscribing to a stream of real-time events that are a treasure trove of data needed to determine the security posture of the cluster from moment to moment, all without sacrificing cluster performance or resource consumption.

Automatic Remediation

Identifying violations in real-time is critical, but if all it leads to is a tidal wave of links to KB articles and blogs as a form of remediation, any identified issues will be lost as background noise.

KSOC codifies remediation by providing the original manifest alongside the patched and remediated manifest for security and operational policy violations. Remediation can be included in each policy including customer-created policies. The remediated manifest is available in the UI and API allowing users to easily review and understand the full impact of incorporating the proposed changes.

Image Scanning

The only important vulnerability scan results are for images that are running within your clusters.

KSOC's powerful image scanner inspects running containers in your clusters by analyzing the packages in your containers to generate a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and then scan it for critical vulnerability information all without needing access to secrets for private registries.

About KSOC

KSOC (Kubernetes Security Operations Center) reduces an organization's attack surface. KSOC is the security partner of choice for enterprises looking to adopt and scale Kubernetes across their business without impacting development velocity. The event-driven, SaaS platform offers rapid remediation of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, allowing developers and security teams to secure their workloads at code-level. Learn more at:


Story Tweedie-Yates

Story is the VP of Product & Marketing at RAD Security, where she is passionate about making cloud native security easier for teams. She has spent more than a decade running Product Marketing for IT Security unicorns focused on innovative, category-defining solutions with leadership roles at both Aqua Security and Auth0. Her early career was defined by professional tennis. In her time off, you will find her scooting her twins around Montreal’s parks or exploring underwater treasures with a scuba mask alongside her husband.