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Brooke MottaFeb 15, 2022 9:00:00 AM1 min read

KSOC: Our Story

It’s my privilege to announce that — KSOC has raised $6 million in seed funding! I am thrilled to work alongside an incredible team of investors, advisors, customers, colleagues and thought leaders.  

It’s an exciting time. Many organizations have adopted cloud-native architectures, and according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, 5.6 Million developers use Kubernetes today! But most organizations who leverage Kubernetes are also finding great difficulty in understanding the security of containerized infrastructure.

KSOC has created a solution to enable organizations to leverage Kubernetes with confidence through event-driven decisioning, distributed policies, and least-privileged identity entitlements.

Our Story:

Over the years, I've been part of amazing security organizations like Rapid7, Bugcrowd and Sonatype and have scaled companies from Seed to IPO with incredible leaders, mentors, and colleagues. Along the way, I met some incredible leaders, mentors and colleagues.  In previous roles, I was lucky enough to have worked with brilliant customers like Jimmy Mesta, an impressive Security veteran and now my Co-founder here at KSOC.

This summer, I visited Jimmy in Flagstaff. We went on a hike and talked about the need for better Kubernetes security and we realized, the time is now. And so, with equal parts fear and excitement we decided to take the plunge and start a company.  (The moment we decided is pictured here.)

Jimmy and Brooke

Since then, it has been a great experience and I look forward to where this journey will take us.

We especially want to thank our investors. KSOC’s seed round is led by .406 Ventures, with participation from Vertex Ventures US and Gula Tech Adventures.  

We've had incredible momentum the past few months, including working with customers like World Market to improve infrastructure security. We're also hiring at a rapid pace and are looking for people across all departments to join our world-class team.   Please e-mail to learn more.

If you are interested in learning more about KSOC and our solutions, please join us on 3/1 for a webinar hosted by Jimmy where he will help to demystify the challenges of Kubernetes Security. You can sign up for it here!


Brooke Motta

Brooke Motta is CEO and co-founder of RAD Security. Brooke is a dynamic leader in the cybersecurity industry who has scaled companies from seed to IPO. Brooke recognized the exponential growth in Kubernetes adoption as an opportunity to provide real-time security products as enterprise teams look to scale. Her decades of skilled leadership include executive positions at Sonatype, Wallarm, Bugcrowd and Rapid7.