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Creating new efficiencies for overwhelmed cloud security and engineering teams through a first-ever, connected view of Kubernetes 

San Francisco, CA, July 11, 2023 – Today KSOC announces the release of the industry’s first ever Automated Risk Triage, helping overwhelmed infra security and engineering teams prioritize risk across ephemeral Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes shops today struggle with cloud native security tools that show Kubernetes processes, apps and services divorced from the Kubernetes API event stream and lifecycle, rendering them noisy, inefficient and impossible to operationalize. Automated Risk Triage maps a broad set of Kubernetes components to a real-time graph for triaged, contextual risk, exponentially improving operators’ efficiency. 

Today, more than ever, infrastructure security and application engineers are short-staffed while at the same time being assigned with the challenge of securely moving forward at warp-speed toward migrating or building on Kubernetes. These are the teams that can absorb inefficiencies the least. In a recent survey, a lack of in-house skills was the top reason for delaying a migration to Kubernetes. 

Despite the high adoption of Kubernetes, when it comes to security, adoption is comparatively low, measured at 34% in 2022. And where it is adopted, it remains one of the other top blockers for Kubernetes and cloud native migrations. For many teams out there, the current tools available for Kubernetes Security create so many inefficiencies that securing Kubernetes appropriately becomes a prohibitive task even for the most dedicated and advanced teams. 

Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) capabilities today are generally divorced from the Kubernetes lifecycle, whether as part of a point solution or packaged as part of a container security or Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform, operating on polling intervals that fail to take into account the critical context of the Kubernetes lifecycle. This means that findings disappear along with the associated workloads, which live on average for only 5 minutes, making them impossible to operationalize.  Admission controllers (which can block workloads from running and disrupt production based on policy) are also much less practical without more context to help decide which policies to enforce. 

Across the cloud native security landscape today, containers and cloud services that are deployed by Kubernetes are divorced from the one element - Kubernetes - that cuts across them all. KSOC’s goal with the release of Automated Risk Triage is to reverse the trend with a connected, Kubernetes-first view of cloud native security across the broader components that Kubernetes directs.

“It’s time to re-think efficiency in cloud native security, and this must be done from the perspective of Kubernetes because it is the single uniting factor across the broadest set of cloud native security components,” says Jimmy Mesta, CTO and Co-Founder of KSOC. “Unfortunately, to-date, it is generally accepted practice in security to treat Kubernetes as a side-hustle, instead of using it to drive quicker detection and better efficiency.” 

The release of Automated Risk Triage builds on the foundation of real-time Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM), which shows Kubernetes misconfigurations in real-time. With Automated Risk Triage, customers can now view more than Kubernetes misconfigurations, with contextualized risk across runtime, RBAC, the network, container images, public cloud and the Kubernetes manifest.

In addition to Automated Risk Triage, new capabilities in the KSOC platform include:

  • Real-time graph explorer: Visualize and filter a live-stream view of the environment 
  • GitHub Actions CI Workflow: Remediate policy or scan for CVEs earlier in the life cycle
  • Compliance and reporting: Generate custom and standardized compliance reports across your Kubernetes environments according to NSA, CIS benchmarks and more


To start freeing up your time with Automated Risk Triage, join us for a live demo or schedule a call with Sales now. 


KSOC is a cloud native security company that helps engineering and infrastructure security teams ship applications faster by safely harnessing the power of Kubernetes. Liberate your Kubernetes shop from the never-ending, whack-a-mole process of securing the individual puzzle pieces of Kubernetes. Connect those pieces while achieving a new level of efficiency through a Kubernetes-first perspective on cloud native security.