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Kubernetes Security Operations Center has unveiled a security posture management platform that provides real-time events detection in cloud-native application environments, according to Cloud Native Now.

The platform logs current and historical cyberattack activity and provides remediation recommendations as well as provides users with events-based misconfiguration alerts that can be sorted according to source. In addition, it can generate software bills of materials, scan for vulnerabilities, block deployment of workloads that are not in compliance with defined policies, and provide visualization into currently activated permissions.

KSOC Chief Technology Officer Jimmy Mesta says the frequent changes and updates that occur in cloud-native application environments make real-time context a necessity in contrast with polling intervals that are employed by other Kubernetes security posture management tools, and which are at a disadvantage in environments where containers may run for five minutes at most.

The platform is geared toward a majority of organizations, whose DevOps teams lack experience in cybersecurity best practices and whose cybersecurity experts have limited knowledge on Kubernetes functions, according to Mesta.

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