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San Francisco, CA, March 12, 2024 – Today Kubernetes Security Operations Center (KSOC) is changing its name to RAD Security, close on the heels of its launch of the first cloud native workload fingerprint standard and ITDR platform. KSOC will remain as a critical, real-time Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) tool under the RAD Security umbrella, while the new capabilities give defenders an edge over sophisticated attackers that hide in the software supply chain or take advantage of valid identities and programs. The evolution to RAD Security represents momentum in the market with an expanded group of behavioral cloud native detection and response capabilities aimed at combatting evolving threats. 

“Customers struggle to detect cloud native attacks with legacy cloud scanners and runtime point solutions, while attackers move fluidly and set their sights on cloud native identity and infrastructure. The renaming to RAD Security reflects an expanded scope of capabilities, including real-time posture, ITDR and behavioral zero day protection, that are quickly becoming requirements for cloud native detection and response against today’s threats,” says Brooke Motta, CEO and Co-Founder of RAD Security (formerly KSOC).

Strengthening container and Kubernetes environments has never been more pressing. According to RedHat's 2023 State of Kubernetes Security report, a staggering 90% of respondents reported incidents within their container or Kubernetes ecosystems. A new advisory in February of 2024 from the FiveEyes says that the same threat actors behind the notorious SolarWinds breach have pivoted, employing new Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). Their focus? Cloud infrastructure, service accounts, and dormant identities. This alarming shift underscores the urgent need for innovative defensive strategies in the face of evolving threats.

Software supply chain attacks were the most common attack type last year, according to IBM's cost of the data breach report. And picking apart the Scarleteel attack from 2023 that targeted cloud native infrastructure, it’s clear that defenders without a behavioral view of valid programs and identities would have missed an entire 60% of the attacker’s kill chain.

The name change to RAD Security also reflects evolution as a result of considerable momentum in the market with a broadened scope of capabilities. In the last year alone, RAD Security has seen ARR has grown by 3 times, with a 100% retention rate and new logos from highly regulated and digitally mature industries such as insurance, banking and media. At the same time, the current and growing importance of cloud native technologies in the security team’s purview and priorities is reflected in 60% growth of customer contract value, with nearly half of new ARR coming from land and expand motions.  

RAD Security’s behavioral, cloud native detection and response platform includes:

  • Cloud native Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR): Stop getting stuck in the lists of over permissions that don’t show identities’ behaviors, and ITDR solutions that stop at the cloud. Cloud native ITDR can help identify malicious cloud native identities and right-size them to least privilege, making user access reviews and FedRAMP compliance easier.
  • KSOC (Real-time KSPM): KSOC’s real-time posture shows the posture of what is actually running (including scanning and SBOMs), and provides unmatched prioritization, by combining the risk of multiple components across Kubernetes in the form of real-time threat vectors, and other features such as CVE Exploitability. This, combined with information about where your actual incidents might be taking place, gives a holistic view of prioritized risk and urgent issues in a way that no point solution for runtime or KSPM could provide. 
  • Zero Day Detection & Response in the Software Supply Chain & Runtime: Eliminate zero day attacks and false positives with better context than legacy CWPP or point solutions for runtime security, using a behavioral, positive security model that won’t break your app. 

To get started today, reach out to the team for a free trial.  


About RAD Security (formerly KSOC)

RAD Security is a cloud native security company that empowers engineering and security teams to push boundaries, build technology and drive innovation so they can focus on growth versus security problems. In sharp contrast to one-size-fits-all, legacy CWPP and container detection and response solutions, RAD takes a custom, behavioral approach to cloud native detection and response that can counter evolving threats while sharpening inputs into shift-left and posture management.