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Do you want to get ahead with secure coding practices for access control? Do you need to add Kubernetes RBAC to your zero trust initiatives? 

In this 2 hour workshop with Jimmy Mesta, CTO and Co-Founder of RAD Security (formerly KSOC), and Jim Manico, the founder of Manicode for secure coding education, you will:

  • Get an intro from Jim Manico about how to accomplish access control with secure coding
  • Get set up with a (free) local environment to deploy Kubernetes clusters - all you need is a laptop and an internet connection
  • Deploy RAD Security in the local environment
  • Bring your own audit logs or use our sample
    • Use the Cloud Native Identity Threat Detection and Response platform to: 
      • Demonstrate FedRAMP and SOX compliance around Kubernetes RBAC
      • Find your riskiest identities, based on broad context across the cluster, including runtime events
      • Complete a user access review
      • Right-size the identities required to gain compliance, or that have caused a breach

Registration for this event has been closed and the event is not available on-demand. Keep on the lookout for our next workshop!