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Join Dineshwar Sahni, cybersecurity leader, and Story Tweedie-Yates, VP, Marketing at KSOC, for a 30-minute discussion on practical tips for combating burnout in security in the face of new challenges and requirements from cloud native security. Today, burnout is a serious issue amongst cybersecurity teams, with up to 73% resigning at some point in their career due to job-related stress and burnout.

Cloud native security is one of the biggest culprits adding to the burden for security teams, with Kubernetes and the migration to the cloud requiring new processes, technologies and relationships to manage risk effectively. 

Some of the strategies under discussion include:

  • How restrictive should you set your default mode? What is your risk appetite for these new environments?
  • Alerts, alerts, alerts . . . . = distraction, false positives
  • Over-reliance on go-to workers
  • How can you expand the pool of candidates with training, inclusion and diversity?
  • Building relationships across the business, in more of a partnership role, including security champion programs
  • The benefits of building relationships with vendors (and the practitioner pet-peeves in this relationship)

Tune in to learn what your team can do today to become more efficient and lessen burnout.



Dineshwar Sahni

Cybersecurity Leader
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Story Tweedie-Yates

VP, Marketing, KSOC