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Identity Threat Detection and Response, has become indispensable to security teams, especially as identity’s critical role in multiple security breaches continues to make headlines.

But when it comes to cloud native and Kubernetes RBAC, there has been a major gap in ITDR.


Get the key requirements for automating detection and response in Kubernetes RBAC , and find out why posture management with Kubernetes Identity and Entitlements Management KIEM will not cover Kubernetes in your zero trust strategy.

If you truly want to be able to detect and respond to any compromises of the Kubernetes RBAC identities across your environment, you will need to ensure any tool you use can match this ITDR best practices checklist for Kubernetes RBAC.

This white paper covers:

  • What is Identity Threat Detection & Response?
  • Posture Management from CIEM and KIEM tools: the legacy approach to securing Kubernetes RBAC
  • The nine-step checklist for ITDR best practices checklist for Kubernetes RBAC